Casa Vida Is The Most Effective Recovery Program!

What's Happening

The Recovery Alliance is located at 3501 Hueco in central El Paso. This 37,000-square-foot building houses a supportive clinical treatment and recovery center for up to 40 men and women who receive primary care in a co-located clinic, immersion in the culture of recovery, access to mental health services and alternative treatments such as acupuncture, yoga and meditation led by a Zen Practitioner. We provide peer delivered alcohol and drug recovery services including co-occurring mental health issues. We offer evidence based practices and trauma treatment in the context of recovery.

Our success rates are very high and have been evaluated by the University of Texas at Austin Addiction Research Institute. LGBTQ Friendly.

The recovery community center is available to the recovery community. An auditorium seating up to 475 people, a large commercial kitchen and a large outdoor courtyard that’s just right for your group’s anniversary BBQ is ready to go. The auditorium has hosted a 12-step fellowship’s regional convention with 350 persons per day attending.

The auditorium has a stage appropriate for dramatic productions, there is a meditation room and meeting rooms for your 12-step group.

Whether you have enjoyed one of the many picnics in the park, dinners, dances, the Black and White Ball, used the Recovery Community Center for meetings or holiday events; whether you appreciate the Alliance’s successful efforts in Congress to require that addiction be treated like any other disease; if you or someone you love has found recovery at Casa Vida, we ask you today to give what you can to support the Recovery Alliance.

Casa Vida is the most successful recovery center in El Paso since 2005.

If you or someone you love wants help with an alcohol or drug problem, please call Aixa at (915) 775-0505

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