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DONATIONS: Giving could make you RICH!!!

We all know such adages as “What goes around comes around” and “You reap what you sow”...  At one time or another, most of us have experienced the wonderful feeling of our own generosity toward others.  Our acts of kindness seem to not only transform those around us, but also seem to return to us in wonderfully positive ways.

Giving selflessly is a RICH feeling.  Knowing that you are doing something for others – the world, loved ones, those less fortunate – is a substantial deposit into one’s “inner bank account”.  It can be a greater feeling of “wealth” than could ever be tallied on a spreadsheet.  Donations are not merely “charity” – WE REALLY DO GET MORE THAN WE GIVE!

Sometimes people feel powerless about making a real difference, (“My donation won’t matter”, “My small gift hardly counts”, etc...).  At Recovery Alliance, we STRONGLY believe that even small contributions foster our mission and make greater things possible.*  Our collective power is beyond measure - it is the sort of "currency" that can impact our world immensely.

So, JOIN US IN MAKING THAT DIFFERENCE!  Be assured that your contributions will go toward providing vital recovery services, housing and support to good and worthy individuals eager to transform their lives. (And, expect to reap what you’ve sown!)

*Recovery Alliance is grateful to accept “in-kind” gifts, as well.  At any time there may be a need for equipment, supplies, gently used clothing, etc...
PLEASE CALL TO INQUIRE @ 915-594-7000, or EMAIL us.


Become a Member

We consider our members invaluable collaborators in the recovery movement! Some of them have benefitted from our services; others have assisted us in increasing the PRESENCE of the recovery community by attending public forums, presenting to peer groups, and reaching out to social and civic organizations.

Members are invited to contribute stories and relevant items to our newsletter, and they often volunteer their time to support Recovery Alliance activities and events throughout the year. We encourage our members to attend the Orientations we offer and to learn about the recovery process and how to communicate this information to others.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Frequent updates and bulletins regarding recovery issues and events in our community
  • The Recovery Alliance newsletter, "Walkin’"
  • Support and education in presenting to individuals and groups, respecting the traditions of anonymity
  • The fulfillment and assurance that one is making an impact in the lives of others, and the community in general.

INFORMATION: Joseph Sanchez @ 915/ 594-7000

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